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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Importance of Intervener for Deafblind People

When I write this, I imagine myself standing in front of the crowd giving a speech.

Can you see this?  What is this?  Can you read this?


What about this?


Now, before I let you know what I'm gonna present within this 5 to 7 minutes, could you do me a favor?  When I count 1,2,3, please close your eyes, close your ears; you may use your index fingers and press them quite hardly onto your ears so that you can't hear anything, but please don't hurt yourself, and close your mouth.  That means, no talking, no listening and no looking.  Within your heart, please count one until ten, then only you may open them back.  ok?  Ready?  ok, 1,2,3.  Close your eyes, close your ears, and close your mouth.  Inside yourself, count, 1,2, .......10.  Thank you.  

How did you feel just now?  You looked at something yet you saw darkness.  You wanted to listen to something, but you heard silence.  You wanted to talk, however you couldn't voice it out loud.  What that made you feel?  You felt lonely, right?  You felt helpless and hopeless.  If you can't talk, then you are mute, if you can't see, you are blind, if you can't hear, you are deaf.  But what if you were all of the above?  Can't talk, can't see and can't hear at the same time?  Then you were deafblind.  How do you communicate?  There must be a way for deafblind people to communicate right?  Otherwise, they can't do anything for the rest of their lives.  If lack of faith, they might attempt to commit suicide.  We don't want this to happen.  So, this is what I gonna present today; ' 'The Importance Role of Intervener for Deafblind People'.  

What is intervener?  Canadians spell it with an 'o' - intervenor', while Americans spell it with an 'e'.  However the pronunciation is the same.  INTERVENER.    Interveners are teachers for deafblind. Interveners help deafblind acquire communication and relationship-building skills in order to live independently.  However out of this whole world, there is only one college that offers a two-year diploma course of intervener.  It is George Brown College in Ontario, Toronto, Canada.  

Have you ever heard of Hellen Keller?  Helen was a famous deafblind from Alabama, United States.  She was born in 1880 and died in 1968.  She had overcame the adversity of being blind and deaf to very successful and inspiring lady.  She would have never done this without her teacher, Anne Sullivan.  There is one movie entitled ' The Miracle Worker' that portraits the life of Helen Keller and her intervener, Anne Sullivan.  You may search for it in the Youtube.

One of the simple language use by intervener to communicate with deafblind is Finger Lingo.  This is the paper showing how to use the language.  We may try this together as fast as we can during this limited time. 

How fast time flies right?  Before I end my presentation, I have a riddle for you and one person who can give me the correct answer will receive a novel from me.  Ok, do you know Ranee Mukherjee?  Ahh..I bet most of you know her.  Such a beautiful actress, she is.  What about Amitab Bachan?  Of course you know him.  He's still handsome as he was years ago when he was younger, right?  Some of you perhaps are die hard fans of him.  :) Now, there is one Hindi movie about deafblind acted by Ranee Mukherjee and Amitab Bachan.  Ranee Mukherjee was a deafblind while Amitab Bachan was the teacher or so called the intervener.  The question is, 'What is the Title of the Movie'?  The clue is;- The title begins with a letter 'B'.    What?  Oh, you got the answer, how smart of you.  Yes, the answer is BLACK.  

In all, please help the deafblind. If you have time, go and find them, communicate with them.  If you have energy, help them.  If you have money, donate for them or at least, when you see them, touch them.  Winston Churchill said, " You make living by what you get, but you make life by what you give".  So, enjoy the giving.

That ends my speech of the day.  I thank you for your attention and cooperation.  You have been a very cooperative audience.  See you again next time.  Thank you.