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Perkhidmatan Kami


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Monday, December 12, 2011

Count for Our Blessings

Looking outside of the car mirror, still felt bad about losing a parking ticket and got to pay RM20 penalty to receive a new one, the view seemed so typical. We were heading back home from a shopping complex and used the very same road that we use almost every week. The journey went smoothly, I didn't expect to see any rare incident that could slow down the traffic as we had a Maghrib prayer to perform. Suddenly, my eyes caught on something very nice and touching at a tiny construction workers' hut. I saw three men were performing their prayers in that small-inconvenient place. One of them was sitting on the old wooden bench /table yet roofed by the sky. The other two had their heads under the zinc roof but the floor which they put their prayer mats on was made by the earth. They were surrounded by no walls and no fence but the noise of vehicles that passed through the road, about only 50 meters from their hut. We, the highway users could easily see them yet they seemed neither disturbed nor cared about that fact. They were all concentrating in giving themselves to Allah. My eyes were shed with tears, for seeing how strong their faith in remembering the God despite where they were and the hard life they faced. They reminded me of a man I met in the shopping complex.
Both male and female prayer rooms at the mall were under renovation and the management has built temporary rooms used for the same purpose - for Muslims to pray. One man has entered the room but within a minute, came out, for good, whining over the condition of the room. I know nothing what he meant at that moment and came to realize only when I entered the female room. I understood his anger now for we had to go to the restroom to take ablution, instead of doing it inside the prayer room as usual. Luckily my daughter did not complain and we went to the toilet for that purpose. Nothing was hard enough to take ablution using the pipe water in the toilet. We, my daughter and I as well as many other women managed to do that and we were very grateful for having a place, water and time to perform the prayer. Now, compared to those three construction workers, I think we are much fortunate to have everything in front of our eyes. As for them, where do you think they got water supply for their daily lives? Maybe they dug a well, which I hardly seen any. The premise was so small, I don't think they had place for that. Or maybe their boss asked someone to send water for them which I doubt it considering the nature of their jobs. I reckon they needed to find the water elsewhere. I don't know much. What I know is, they had patience in perseverance which they were able to bear the obstacles rather than complaining. They did not allow anything affect their routine as Muslims. They may not rich materially, but they rich spiritually. We, instead, like to grumble and take things for granted. Thus, from now on, we should see around and count for our blessings.

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